Love Stories

JK + Nicole

“My fiance and I have a funny story of how we met. We knew who each other was from mutual friends, but had never really hung out. We happened to be at the bar the same night and started talking. JK (my fiance) had drank way too much and I offered to drive him home. I had no idea where he lived so I asked for his address so I could make sure I wasn’t driving all over town. Well that’s exactly what happened. He gave me at least 5 random addresses and thought he was so funny. I was not laughing at that point and I was ready to drop him off on the side of the road. After threatening him, he finally gave me his address and I dropped him off. He refused to say goodbye unless I gave him a kiss (he was hanging on the side of my truck). So I quickly gave him a peck and drove off. The next morning I was laying on the couch in my pjs at my parents house, where I was living temporarily, when there was a knock on the door. I didn’t get up because I knew it wasn’t for me. Well my dad came around the corner and said Nicole someone is here for you and I wanted to die! Here was JK, the guy I had just gotten rid of only a few hours ago. He asked me to go pheasant hunting. I don’t pheasant hunt so I was confused and awkward so I just said sure and quickly threw a hat on and wiped the sleep from my eyes. As we were walking to his truck I said “you know you could have just called me and asked instead of showing up” that’s when I figured out the REAL reason he was there. He responded with “ya about that… is my phone and wallet in your truck?” and since then we’ve been inseparable.”

“JK and I spend vacations at my parents condo in Mexico. JK can’t be serious to save his life, so when we talked about getting married, he always said that the only ring I would get was going to be from the first vendor that walked by. On December 5, 2019 we had just arrived at the beach with another couple that came down with us. Jk was talking about practice proposing and I won’t tell you what my response was, but in not so many words I told him you don’t practice proposing, you just do it and if he practiced he would end up in the sand. It was just about sunset and he said we should walk down to the water before we left and I refused. I didn’t want to get in the water yet. He pretty much drug me down to the shoreline and I barely got my toes wet. He then got down on one knee and pulled a little bag out of his pocket and I knew it was from a jewelry vendor. We were laughing and he said “see I told you I would get you a ring when we got here” People on the beach were clapping and cheering and I was so embarrassed because he didn’t propose. I told him to get up because he was causing a scene and that’s when he FINALLY proposed for real. It was so beautiful and my friend was lucky enough to get it all on video. Best day ever!”

“What I love most about JK is his ability to find the good in everyone and find something positive in everything. He is the most hard working and selfless person I know and I don’t know anyone that doesn’t like him. I love that he always compliments me, supports me, takes care of me and most of all he laughs with me all the time. He truly is what I have prayed for my whole life.”

“What I love most about you, Nicole, is that you’re amazing to me in so many different ways. Your beauty, your work ethic, your sense of humor, your intelligence (minus mathematics) ((No pun intended!)) I’m wowed and amazed everyday that I want to hang out with, laugh with, and just see everyday.”

JK and Nicole’s wedding will be held at Montana Wildflower Weddings in the Summer of 2020.

Photo by Friends