Love Stories

Allie + Dylan

Dylan and I met by chance online, sort of... My friend made me a tinder account because she wanted to go on double dates. We matched and my friend gave me his number so we could start talking.

On our first date we realized that we both grew up in the same small town in western Montana; only about fifteen minutes apart. We attended different schools but after looking through childhood photos, we found pictures of our elementary school soccer teams playing against each other. I remember playing his team because they had cool polka dot green jerseys. So even though we didn't know it, we've known each other for almost twenty years and we somehow managed to find each other on the other side of the state.

Dylan proposed to me at my favorite spot in the world. The top of the Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park at midnight on his birthday. Dylan likes to say he got himself a wife for his birthday. 

We've taken our time planning the wedding but the easiest decision we made was picking Montana Wildflower Weddings as our venue.

I think what we are looking forward to most about our wedding is how beautiful, fun, and easy everything is going to be. ”