Love Stories

Bekah + Trevor

We knew of each other in high school but had never spoken a word to each other. We both went to school at MSU Bozeman and connected at a party as friends. The following semester I moved back to Billings for nursing school and Trevor transferred back around the same time to finish school in Billings. I had had some people over at my new place and invited Trevor as we were friends at this point and had mutual friends who were coming. That night the conversation flowed and we spent a lot of the night talking. From there I was hooked and from Trevor’s perspective “chased him”. The rest is history!

Trevor and I had a weekend getaway planned in Red Lodge. His family had also talked about meeting us up there to take family pictures (or that’s at least what everyone told me). We got to “family pictures” and did a couple individual shots while I thought we were waiting for the rest of the family. About 5 minutes in, Sierra set us up in a pose so Trevor could grab the ring and get on a knee! He proposed and we finished the rest of the engagement shoot which went amazing! He also coordinated with my parents and had them surprise me at dinner that night.

We are SO looking forward to celebrating with all of our family and friends. And of course the yummy food and dessert.