Love Stories


We met on Facebook dating. I knew I wasn't going to find anyone traditionally, due to the fact all I do is work and then run away in the woods on my days off (where you hope you don't run into anyone). 

But our first dates are memorable for sure. We started talking on Facebook dating in 2019. We had our first date at Ciao Mambo in Billings. We both arrived 20 minutes early (nerves maybe?) Had a wonderful dinner and great conversations.

We went on a few more dates after that but COVID hit and we went our separate ways. A year later, Kody asked me for another shot. Our "second first" date was amazing. We went hiking to Woodbine falls, had lunch up there and then hiked some of Sioux Charley. It started to snow a little and made for some fantastic views!!

We have been inseparable ever since.

Kody wanted to take me to my favorite spot on Elk Lake Trail. But the June flood really messed that up by washing every road up there away and closing everything. Once my mother knew about the ring, Kody was scared of her ruining it. So the next day he asked me.

I was painting a bear picture for my parents bar in the living room while we were watching The Office, it was the episode that Jim asks Pam to marry him. Kody got up and was headed out the door (he had the ring in his truck). I asked were he was headed and he said he had to get something out of the truck. He felt like he had to bring something back in the house now, so he put the ring in some trail mix he had in his truck, took that into the kitchen where he took the ring out of the box. He asked if Id like a beer, I said yes. He put the ring under the beer tab and handed it to me. I didnt notice it right away (was busy painting away). Once I did, I asked him what it was. Hahaha. Thinking to myself is this was "the ring" or a gift. 

He replied "What do you think?" Then got on the ground with me (since I was sitting on the ground painting already) and asked me to marry him. I kept asking him "Are you sure????" Poor guy. 

Now when I see that bear painting I made, hanging behind the bar, I get to think of this amazing man asking me to marry him. Little special meaning behind it.