Love Stories

Elizabeth +Kolton

Kolton and Elizabeth met at Youth With a Mission in Louisville Kentucky for their Discipleship Training School when they went roller skating with mutual friends. Being the only two who knew how to skate, they raced each other. As they were racing, Elizabeth tripped and sent Kolton flying as he tried (and failed) not to crash into her. It ended with both of them laughing hysterically on the ground. After that, they were fast friends and started dating around ten months later.

Kolton surprised Elizabeth on a trail in southern Minnesota. Elizabeth loves the outdoors, so he planned a day trip exploring a state park. There was no one on the trail and it was a sweet, intimate moment when he got down on one knee.

Not only is the Wildflower wedding venue beautiful, but Keri has been absolutely delightful to work with. This makes me (Elizabeth) feel confident that I have a good team going into the big day. Other than that, I am excited to enjoy the little moments with my closest friends leading up to the ceremony and to celebrate during the reception.