Love Stories

Jasmyn + Jacob

We are high school sweethearts! Our junior year of high school we happened to be on the same track team and became very good friends real quick. We shared so many similar interests and clicked right away! This eventually led to us dating and being best friends ever since.

We are now going to the same college together! (Jasmyn is running track and going for PT, and Jacob is playing basketball and going for psychology). On our 2 year anniversary Jacob decided to plan the whole day (which was a little suspicious lol) but Jasmyn was a bit clueless. He planned for us to go to our "spot" which was a cute little gazebo overlooking the ponds in our hometown. He had made me a picture book as my anniversary present and each page was a different picture with what we did that day and the date below. (the pictures were in order from, longer ago, to most recent). The last picture in the book was a picture of me and him together with the garter that he caught at his sister's wedding. Underneath of this picture was the sentence: "There's a rumor that says whoever catches the garter at the wedding, will be the ones to get married next... well I guess that rumor was right." And the next page said "will you marry me?" by this point I (Jasmyn) was in tears and obviously said yes.

We are so excited to be having our wedding at Montana Wildflower Weddings and look most forward to spending the day with so much joy and all of our loved ones at a venue that just simply "looks like us."