Love Stories


Karson and I met in Michigan, where we both are from, back in 2018. Karson had recently discharged from the military and I was completing my master’s degree in social work at Michigan State University. One day, we both decided to swipe right on a dating app, and our matched love story began. We talked for a few days, I played hard to get, and many cheesy pick up lines later, I agreed to go out with him! We hit it off right away and even convinced the bartender that we had been dating for a year, which in fact it was only our first date!

Now fast forward one whole month, Karson got a job as a Wildland Firefighter in Billings, Montana and I had graduated with my MSW. At this point, we both decided to keep talking even though we would be thousands of miles away. So, Karson left for Montana and I stayed in Michigan, as I had just accepted my first job. Now the roles reversed, Karson played hard to get, as long distance was difficult and not ideal. After a few months of us continuing to talk, I took the leap and came out to visit and further convinced him, I was the one for him! The rest is history! We dated for almost 2 years before I took another leap and moved out to Billings and we continue to be the perfect match for each other since then.

Now, our engagement was beautiful. It was a January day in 2022, it was one of those random pop of spring days. We decided to go out for a hike at Sioux Charley. We had our two sweet pups Sully and Dover with us as well. Karson decided he wanted to attempt to fly fish that day, but soon realized it was too windy. We slowly took our hike up the trail about a mile and a half before the snow stopped us on the trail. We decided to turn back. At that point, Karson kept saying that he wanted to take a time lapse of the water fall towards the beginning of the trail, I of course agreed, as I always take a family picture on our hikes and thought it would be a great spot. As we got to the spot, Karson asked if I could stand in the spot he wanted to shoot so that he could make sure that it was the perfect shot and in frame. As he struggled to get his phone set up, I stood in the spot he requested waiting patiently to take our family photo. Karson eventually got the camera set up and as I was handing him my phone to take a picture, he pulled out the ring box from his fly fishing pack and dropped down on his knee and proposed to me! We have the most beautiful video to share with family and friends. Our dogs were just as happy as we were and ran and jumped around us after it happened! So after waiting 3 long years, we were finally engaged.