Love Stories

Leah + Ben

Ben and I are immensely grateful for our love of music for causing our paths to cross in November 2017 during our senior year of high school at a state orchestra festival. Despite a 400-mile distance between our hometowns of Corvallis, MT (Ben) and Billings, MT (Leah), we managed to talk every evening, laugh long into the night, and even attend Ben’s senior prom together (our first date and the second time we met in person). Distance is nothing new to us as most of our relationship was spent roughly 145-1,200 miles apart, so we are extremely excited to be starting our life together in Missoula, MT.


Ben completed his engineering degree in May 2022, and I completed my nursing degree in May 2023 (GO ‘CATS!). Ben, who normally cannot keep a secret, was abnormally tight-lipped about when/how he was planning to propose, and only let slip that he was waiting for me to finish my degree. On Saturday, October 27th, 2023, Ben proposed on his family’s beloved ranch in California, and we’ve spent every moment since celebrating our love and looking forward to the future!

We plan to build our home in the mountains, so it makes perfect sense to have our love blessed beneath them.