Love Stories

Mariah + Archie

We were “just friends” back in high school and have always been close! We reconnected in college, and hit it off right away. Archie always likes to say he was playing the long game! Going on 3 years together in October, and it still feels like we just started dating.

We are both outdoors junkies. This usually involves hiking, but there always has to be a destination to a lake at the end for fishing! On a random Thursday, Archie asked me if I wanted to go to Twin Lakes off the Beartooth Highway for some fishing. I obviously said yes! We parked off the highway and started hiking down to the lakes. He packed a very cute picnic with meats, cheese, crackers, and some wine. I really thought he was going to propose then and there, but before I knew it, the sun was coming down. We decided to pack up and start heading out, so my hunch went straight out the door. Half way up, I was out of breath and ready for a break. Archie said “Wow, look at the sunset, let’s take a picture.” I couldn’t argue with that, so I set up my phone. He suggested we take a video so we can just get multiple photos from it… such a smart dude. We now have the whole proposal on video! Way too sweet. It truly was so perfect!

Keri seems like she really wants to take care of us. I personally get overwhelmed so easy, so you guys were really no comparison to any other venue. It truly is so pretty there too, and I fell in love at first site. We are so excited!