Love Stories

Shayla + John

I was living in Colorado at the time & visiting my friends in North Dakota. My friends and I were having a girls night when he walked up to me and started a conversation. He was wearing a Colorado hat, so we immediately started talking about our mutual love for the state. I couldn't believe he was from Colorado! I was leaving to head back to CO the next day, but he talked me into going to breakfast with him at Smiling Moose before my flight.

Over the next couple weeks we found ourselves talking on the phone everyday, squeezing in as much conversation as we could. He told me he wanted to come visit me for a few days in CO, so we made a plan! When he arrived he took me on an unforgettable road trip of a lifetime, this is how I discovered my love for road trips, adventure, and most importantly my love for him. We visited several CO towns during those few days, including the small mountain town where he grew up. He took me on a helicopter ride over the Royal Gorge. And well…the rest is history!

We still love adventuring & road tripping together 6 years later!